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    File Name: Swords and Wizardry Pilot
    File Submitter: Daniel
    File Submitted: 23 May 2014
    File Category: Old School Renaissance
    Genre: Fantasy
    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed


    The beginning
    Returning back to the roots of his roleplaying ‘career’, Daniel drags his band of poor baby noobies through hell and back. Prior to slamming their faces into the brick wall that was B1: In Search of Adventure none of these students had ever gamed before. See how they fare in our pilot episode for an all new series.

    Note: This is a pilot episode and as a result some quality issues will be present that, over the next few episodes, we will attempt to counter. Feedback is highly welcomed.

    Cody as, The Haircare Sales-Barbarian
    Daniel as, The Storyteller
    Hamish as, The Gimp Dwarf
    Lily as, The Diet-Elf
    Roxy as, The Winner of Miss Orc ’01
    Seth as, The Emozerker


    Click here to download this file

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    Rock and indeed role!

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    Thumbs up for giving the nickname ‘Schwarzkopf’ to the barbarian Aryan (BarbAryan?) hair product übersalesmensch. However, since this is the Pants Campers, it would be even more appropriate to name him ‘Schwanzkopf‘. 😉


    (You should compare notes with the Internerd Exploders, by the way. One of their players is actually a shampoo.)


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    By the way, you guys can’t become the Pants Campers version of He-Man.

    You see, there already exists a Pants Campers version of He-Man. It’s called Big Man On Campus & the Bad Asses of the Big Blue Yonder, 19 pages of He-Man parody from Jay Fosgitt’s Dead Duck cartoon. The humour and jokes are totally Pants; for example, the main villain is called Bone-Or, the local boy scouts have an official “peeked at boobies” merit badge, and their version of Man-At-Arms is called… wait for it… Man-Without-Pants. 😀


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    That was actually rather entertaining…And the Sorceress in that strip is pretty much how I saw her all those years ago…back in the ancient awkward boner-harrowing days of puberty…

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