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    I like to much the character of Tara,she is pretty beautiful. I am happy that she has return inTrue Blood Seasons 4 DVD boxsetwith a lot more sexy and stronger, the way she was in the first season. Our actress Sookie Stackhouse is an ordinary waitress in the small town.The extraordinary ability she differs from others is that she can read other people’s mind.However,this special ability not only make her go through lots of troubles but also lead her failures of love.When meetting Bill Compton,she happily find that she can’t read his mind .Bill is an vampire with low status of his world,which make him be treated like an alien.Only Sookie treat him equally.

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    Hoo-wee! Break out yer woody stakes ‘n holy wa’er, boys an’ gurls – we’ve got ourselfs a real, unlivin’ SPAM-PIRE! :gtfo:

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