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    File Name: Terror at Warwick House Session 02

    File Submitter: BigJackBrass

    File Submitted: 07 Oct 2014

    File Category: Chill

    Genre: Horror

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    CHILL: Terror in Warwick House 02


    The concluding session of Pacesetter’s classic CHILL horror game, testing the truth of its claim that you can run the introductory adventure without actually bothering to read the rules.

    It seems that every town has a spooky old house, complete with half-whispered tales of wicked ghosts and strange happenings at night, but Warwick House seems to be just a little bit different: Warwick House murders people. As our intrepid agents of S.A.V.E. have discovered, sometimes the victims return to beat the snot out of nosy intruders. Jump ahead about quarter of an hour to get to the start of the game, or join us at the start for chat about burning boy scouts and groin-based camera attachments.

    Sadly, CHILL is long out of print, but its, uh, spiritual successor CRYPTWORLD is very much alive – IT’S ALIVE!!! – And available from Goblinoid Games, owners of the rights to the Pacesetter system. The opening musical excerpt from “Paranoia” is by Purple Planet ( Music: )

    The Whartson Hall Aethernauts play through the Google+ Hangouts facility rather than face-to-face in a room. Despite our best efforts, listeners may find some reduction in sound quality as a result. As all of our efforts have gone into preserving the sound quality we put no effort at all into the quality of the gaming.

    The Players:

    Nick: Paul Wysocki

    Amelia: Gina Diamond

    Riddles (Mark): Professor Ellsworth Smythe III

    Jon:The CHILL Master (“Mwahahahahahaaa!!!” etc)

    Click here to download this file

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    Sadly, CHILL is long out of print, 


    And a reminder that CHILL 3rd ed is currently getting Kickstartered.

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    BigJackBrass: I’ll say this for the Twitter version: it was shorter!


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    The owners of Pacesetter have a link to a podcast discussion about Cryptworld on their blog and another to get the game at half price for Hallowe’en:

    There’s a new version of CHILL due from the new owners of that trademark, but it won’t be the same as the old system, for better or worse. So, now’s the time to pick up a copy of CW if you want that old-fashioned horror goodness 😀

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