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    Hi everyone! First time poster, long time listener of your crew, and wanted to toss in my two cents here!

    How are the characters? Hmmm.

    John – The Pyro of the group 🙂 Something about blowing up statues..hmmm…Why isn’t there any magic missile?! 🙁 Enjoying the banter between you and Lindsay and the huffing between the two of you…I really hope that something comes of that!

    Ned – Way to keep missing the shots, but the whole idea of being a neat-freak is great! Why aren’t there more jabs at this, or even some parts that really make him be the only one to have to get down and dirty? (Granted, he HAS had to deal with it at times, but more could be fun!)

    David – Insane with the abilities, and the whole “Shut up, I’m bashing everything into paste!” is great to listen to…though yeah…um, wouldn’t there be a bit more of a reaction from EVERYONE about seeing something that at least KIND of looks like a dragon roaring and busting everything apart? (David also reminds me of a dear friend from my old games, loved going full on assault like that, and love the quips he puts out there.)

    James – Poor James. Fear my blast…poof… 🙁 Not too shabby, and seems to be having a blast with the Warlock and really is getting me into pondering getting one started once I start playing some 4.0 ed. 😀

    Lindsay – Missed her through most of this, was happy to hear her come back at the end though. Sounds like she’s more used to playing a rogue-ish type (haven’t listened to WLD, that’s next up on my Zune) but seems to be getting a handle on the morality part, and I’ve been loving the side interactions with her and Splug as she tries to make him a bit more civilized.

    I hope I got everyone right with that (I did…right?) and wanted to say I’ve been LOVING this. I’ve missed having a normal gaming party to play with (third shift work doesn’t really lend much time to play with others it seems) but at least this way I can get my fix! I’ve LOVED being able to listen to the side chatter and all the jokes and jabs and such, it reminds me of all the fun I had, and would love to try to pull something like this off myself sometime, you lot have inspired me!

    So my thanks to you all for a fantastic time, you keep me sane on long car rides and long nights at work, please, PLEASE keep up the good work!

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    In session 15, Nyess was hitting!

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    🙂 i can’t wait to hear how Nyess and the others are doing in thunderspire.

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    Hey there,

    Welcome to the site and thanks for the kind words about the games 🙂

    Make yourself at home and listen to the WLD 🙂

    Hal :hal:

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    Aye, just started WLD after wrapping up RoleMaster (which I’ll keep over in THAT thread :D) Looking forward to hopping over to Thunderspire tonight and tomorrow on my drive, too.

    And good to hear you were okay from the storm!

    Keep up the fun, I was *dying* laughing last night!

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    Hi, I’m a first time poster who discovered this site a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to work out the massive amounts of information with all the podcasts, trying to work out all the different voices and who the players are on the forums. So far I’ve listened to all of Keep on the Shadowfell, the first few sessions of WLD and am working on the beginning of Thunderspire. I just wanted to take this opportunity to voice my love for Goggles, his characters always seem the most intelligent but always get rolled over by the rest of the party who just want to charge in and bash stuff.

    As a side note, a more complete introduction like the one at the start of this thread would be very helpful.

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    It’s not that his characters are super intelligent….just indecisive

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    Unless I’m much mistaken you’re the warlock, right? Your cursing is brilliant.

    You might be interested in this:

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    Another long time listener, first time poster here;

    I loved the KOTSF podcasts, although I think it is a terrible adventure, and have loved listening to the manic banter that goes on.

    My favourite character(s) have to be Torinn followed by Nyess (Take it to Orcus you ****!!!!) and Giladril. Sorry Lindsy, Hal, and Goggles but these three are just a comedy goldmine.

    I love how outrageously arrogant that Stendar (sp?) is and how bossy Bree can be though. XD

    Splug terrifies me. D:

    Oh and for the record Ginger Bears sound *disgusting*. Although it’s good to hear that you have introduced the “Americans” to the wonders of UK chocolate. BOOST!

    Can’t wait for the next one everybody!

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    Murine_Archmage wrote:
    Just out of curiosity, could anyone give their opinion of any character other than Splug in full paragraph form? Maybe some tips, maybe a constructive criticism or two . . .


    Just saw this so thought I would give my anonymous opinion and make a whole whopping TWO posts! 😀

    Torren: I love the “big, dumb, gentle giant to his friends… murdering psychopath and force of destruction to his enemies” type of angle. I’d love to see Torren play up to the “defender” type. He does a lot of self sacrifice and seems to care a lot if other party members get hurt.

    Nyess: It’s weird but Nyess comes across to me as somebody who helps the team work together. I think it would be pretty cool if he dabbled in a bit of Warlord or Cleric as while he doesn’t “lead” he is constantly yelling things like “Torren get down!” or “Help Bree”. Despite his infernal curses and class choice he seems to be a pretty nice guy and I think he makes a good anti-hero.

    Giladril: Plleeeeaaaase play up the OCD thing more. Not only is it hilarious but I love how he almost comes across as lost nobility. I could easily see Giladril being a lost prince or noble from some elven family.

    Stendar: Arrogant, Bossy, not very nice. Can’t really see much here to suggest for the roleplaying, he has a Tiefling Wizard down flat! 😀

    Bree: It’s a shame that Lindsy doesn’t like being good and holy, I think her attempts to help Splug were really awesome and some great RP. (Perhaps Hal could make Splug more effected by them *nudge nudge*) I see Bree as the mother figure who looks after these adventurers and gives them a moral compass to act by. I can see Torinn, Nyess and Giladril taking her side/view on things and becoming more “heroic” with her around.

    Overall, I love the roleplay sessions you guys get up. I think you all have awesome characters with cool stuff about them.

    One thing I would love to hear/find out about though is some more about each characters history.

    Is Giladril really a elven prince in exile? Why did Nyess take up an Infernal Pact? What caused Torinn to go adventurering? How did Stendar and Bree end up together in that dungeon anyway?!

    Would be cool to find out this sort of stuff. 🙂

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    Thank you Prince Mark for the kind words.

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    I wish these photos were still around. It’s always nice to put a face to a voice.

    James wrote:
    Thank you Prince Mark for the kind words.
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    Necromancy! OOoooOooOoo!

    Yeah, these photos are gone. However you can always look around the site since there might be a few others kicking about. However, if you really must see the Texans immediately in all their – ahem – glory, you can check out Pencil Monkey’s drawings; though I should warn you they’re seldom SFW and usually hilarious.

    One’s in particular to pay attention to are:

    Once Upon a Troll series for all sorts of characters from the forums,

    And the infamous [Full Frontal Haggemoth which you apparently need to login to view.

    And now I shall depart, because my necromancy is complete.

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