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    By Jeremy Sumerlin

    Greetings, Defenders of Doji.

    Next up on our look at the Crane Clan in Ivory Edition, we will turn our attention to the Daidoji Family.

    The Crane Clan have had, and continue to have, many enemies amongst the other Clans of Rokugan. While masters of the court, the Crane do not have a particularly strong military tradition. However, the Daidoji, the family that defends the clan, have earned nearly universal respect from ally and enemy alike. Their tenacity and will have demonstrated time and time again that they are clearly worth of the name “Iron Cranes.”


    First things first – Akagi is a warrior, not a politician. As you can see, if you are a student of Akagi, you are a student of war, and the path of political victory will be one you’ll be hard-pressed to walk. The Iron Cranes have never been ones for talking, and he is no exception.

    The Daidoji are prepared to engage any of the Crane’s many enemies along multiple fronts at a moment’s notice. Flexibility of movement is key in defending the Crane’s vast holdings, and proves useful when the Crane are forced to go on the offensive. Akagi is useful as a countermove to any enemy movement tricks, be it Cavalry or otherwise, as well as bringing additional forces to a front at a decisive moment.

    Having guaranteed reusable movement also frees your deck up from having to run as many movement cards as other military decks, so while you are essentially “tipping your hand” to your opponents in one regard, in another it allows you some more flexibility in deck design and the opportunity to consider a wider array of card choices. It also means that cards that key off of movement become more consistent strategies for you.


    As you can see, Akagi allows the Daidoji, who sometimes lack the raw Province smashing power of other military clans, to take advantage of cards like Advance Warning, mitigating the cost of the action a great deal. While Akagi may not allow you to sleaze unopposed provinces, he certainly can make winning the war easier.

    Often the Daidoji find themselves battling overwhelming odds, and have become masters of turning large scale battles to their favor through small scale engagements. Their tactics usually involve bringing larger enemy units down to manageable levels, while preserving their own forces. Since the Daidoji lack the raw Force power of clans like the Crab or the Lion, their Personalities are more focused around “evening the odds”.


    Few Daidoji are more respected in recent memory than Tametaka, who went toe-to-toe with the Mantis Clan Champion himself, and earned his undying respect and admiration as a result. Tametaka is a prime example of what the Daidoji are all about, as he both can bring larger units under your control and can safely retreat your incapacitated units home. Partner him up with other legal cards like Aftermath’s Daidoji Gensai, though, and you can easily bring large units down. Luckily, thanks to Akagi Sensei, Gensai has yet another means to trigger his ability via the retreat action even without Tametaka there to help.

    Versatility, flexibility, and maneuverability are the hallmarks of the Daidoji, and Akagi continues this tradition. Remember, Iron Cranes, “The spear waits not for its master, but rushed forth to guard the way.”

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