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    by Julien Boles

    Hello undead, humans, and not so human stuff, and welcome to the Spider Clan!

    The Spider Clan has had a difficult time transitioning to Great Clan status during Emperor Edition.  They had to say goodbye to their cohort of undeads, nonhumans and Maho Tsukai, and with them most of their most successful decktypes from past environments. So when attacking the Spider Clan design, we knew they needed help and special attention.

    In the meantime, the Design Team decided that one of the (many) goals of Ivory Edition was to make force matters more, cutting down the high number of cards that destroyed cards without attachments that were in Emperor Edition. In that end, Ranged and Melee Attacks became the kill cards of choice. But what about the other type of actions like bow? That’s where the update to Fear came in, becoming a Ranged Attack-like bow (though fear not, costed more aggressively and generally without bow cost due to the lower efficiency of bow versus kills). And of course, like in the old days, it happens that Fear is a VERY good mechanical fit for Spider, giving us a very practical, yet flavorful, mechanic to unify the clans themes. Out of this, came the Sinister Citadel of the Spider.


    Straightforward, simple, efficient. Fear 3 is nothing to scoff at, bowing a good number of your opponent’s naked Personalities at no cost. Having an ability on your Stronghold that deals with opposing personalities is always great, and in fact (SPOILERS), Spider is the only clan to have one. One thing you may notice though, is no more resistance to honor losses. As a Great Clan, Spider now has to play by the same rules as everyone else, and they do not get a pass. Perhaps this will be true for their Sensei, perhaps not, but it is true for the Clan as a whole.

    But let’s be honest, with a starting honor of 0, you won’t be seeing this face of the Stronghold very often. So let’s get to the REAL Citadel!


    First we notice the increase in Province strength. With 8 Province strength, your opponent will find it difficult to attack you early on, or to threaten multiple provinces later on, thus keeping you in the province trading game.

    To make things more difficult for him, thanks to the Stronghold’s trait, reminiscent of the Spider’s Lair, Spider’s very first Stronghold, you will keep an additional dynasty flip after your first province’s destruction. You will still be allowed to buy multiple personalities later on in the game, eventually outproducing your opponent’s Dynasty.

    Last but not least, the Battle action becomes Tireless, allowing it to be used on defense when going second. Taking Spider’s Provinces will really be a difficult proposition for your opponents.

    Now what to do if your damn opponents just loaded his army with Followers? Call the Shadow Emperor!


    Talk about a beast! First, he got the biggest strength out of all Champions, with 6 Force, very rare in Ivory. He also comes with the always useful Monk, Kensai and Samurai Keywords. And of course he is Conqueror, keeping him always in defense where he will be a big pain to your poor opponent.

    His traits are all extremely useful for Spider. His honor losses reduction trait, representing the dishonorable nature of the Spider, will allow you to splash some less honorable tactics and Personalities more easily. And being able to destroy Followers with Fear will obviously be a big help, since one of the big weakness of Fear is that a single follower can singlehandedly make a Personality immune to fear. Not anymore with your Champion.

    Last but not least, this battle action will get you amazing tempo in battle, allowing you to deal with two cards or set up a Personality. For example, by reducing his force before targeting him with your stronghold, which will be a more common tactic in Ivory.

    As you can see, through the usage of Fear, among other things, Spider will be a much more fearful (terrible pun intended) opponent in battle. Through the combination of their Personality’s military efficiency and their stronghold’s resilience to Military decks, they should be more than ever a force to be reckoned with in this environment.

    This is your Empire, your Empress, and you’ll burn the world to protect them.

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