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    by Julien Boles

    Hello undead, humans, not so human stuff, and … honorable Courtiers?? And welcome to the Spider Clan Coming Dawn!

    Back when we gave each clans four supported themes in Emperor Edition, the Design Team tried among other things to make sure that most clans had access to multiple win conditions, for variety’s sake. Sadly, the Spider Clan was the only clan where it was not possible to justify a non-military option in the card game. As such, they had nothing but military decks. However, when revamping the themes for Ivory Edition, this is no longer the case and it is time to give the Spider its own, flavorful way of achieving honor victory, through its Susumu courtier family.


    Story wise, the Susumu are by necessity very charming, always striving to be helpful and charming. They are, after all, the representative of the Spider in court, a hard job, since many clans still have trouble accepting them. They also benefit from a strong bond with the more poltically minded heir to the Empress, Iweko Shibatsu, since he was fostered by their clan.

    So it was decided to give them a focus on Favor use and control. You’ll have some personalities, like Susumu Kuroko – though obviously not as powerful as that esteemed daymio – that will help you gain favor control, even against more honorable opponents.


    Then, once that Favor is yours, you’ll have personalities like Susumu Neya that will allow you to use it for varied effects, generally helping furthering your win condition. You may have noticed that most Susumu have an average Personal Honor of 2. Indeed, storywise, they are not perceived as the most honorable of Courtiers. But do not worry: among other support, your personalities abilities, like Neya here, will allow you to overcome that disadvantage even against other honor decks.


    They do slightly differ from some of their Courtier counterparts though. While the Susumu are generally over-the-top with their pleasantries, their founder is the Dark Fortune of Deception, Daigotsu Susumu. The Susumu may seem to be kind and pleasant on the surface, but it seems like there might be something else there… They tend to be more willing to get into fight, as shown in Gate of Chaos by Susumu Haikaro, or here in Ivory by Susumu Yanada, who by the way also help you get that favor control we spoke about. Some of them, like this card, will also tie into the Spider Clan’s theme of Fear, allowing them to be more effectively used as support in military decks, giving you more deckbuilding options.

    Having a functioning Honor theme for traditional low Honor clans, while giving it its own distinct flavor, is always a challenge, one we think we succeeded at. We hope you Spider players will love that theme as much as we do.

    So go to the courts, and as always, bring glory to the name of the Spider, and of Susumu!

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