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    Everyone join – This is gonna be humongo! It’ll be mega-huge!


    Name: Zacharias Belegerma Erkle

    Age: 200 years old


    Wepin: World class computing system named Gallilao, and a sword.

    Looks: Not VERY chubby, but just a teensy bit, has short black hair, tall, and can do some major kung-fu moves!

    biography: His mom gave birth to him on the streets and he kicked her booty and ran away when he was 0 years old, thats how everyone found out he was amasingly wonderfull.

    I can add more to my character if you want, but I think it’s pretty dang good. Do you not?

    Zacharias Belegerma Erkle continued down the street, and tripped, landing on his face and breaking his glasses. He quickly stood up, and took out his computing system, Gallilao.

    “Consultation please” He spoke, and giggled.

    “Yes. Master. What. Would. You. Like?” Gallilao spoke to him.

    “Nothing, I was just testing you!” Zacharias laughed, and snorted loudly, just as a hot momma walked by.

    “Whoo whoo ee! My asthma’s kicking in!” He pulled up his knee socks higher and snapped his susspenders before taking out his inhaler.

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    It may help if you explain what “The Creature From Below” is ….

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    *Snort* *Chuckle*

    You’ll find out for shore! Moo ahahahaha!

    DUH! It’s…


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