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    Greetings brethren and sinsters in roleplaying!

    My name is Tjeerd van Sas and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m an internet- & fantasy-addict and I’ll probably lurk here instead of actively participating. My nickname is a parody on my last name by mixing it with the first name of a lich (Szass Tam, Thayan arch-wizard of necromancy in the Forgotten Realms). My alignment is told to be chaotic insane.

    Nice to see that other roleplaying-groups are having sites. 🙂

    I’m seen as the webmaster of our group, but for now it’s just a silly front page and a forum. The actual site will appear when I have more time and inspiration. (And have an active period.) 😉

    On this board another guy named Cyricist appears here and there, who is one of my closest friends and the guy who hosts our TWLD-adventure and some other campaigns. But he’ll introduce himself later in this thread I guess.

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    Greetings and welcome to the site – sorry for the long delay before I replied, I’ve been busy working on some additions for the site.

    Apart from D&D, do you play any other RPGs?

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    We still have plans for Vampire, but haven’t started yet. I also GMed a couple of CoC D20 sessions.

    BTW I am Martijn Kampf (yes a very German name) a.k.a. Cyricist, booksalesmen in my boss’ store, almost 28 y/o, male, Dutch, some say criminally insane hehe. I live near Rotterdam with my two cats Seti & Deedee. My interests: roleplaying, good movies, books (unless I am working ;)), drawing, cooking (yay) and history & mythology (in which I have a bachelor’s degree). That about wraps it up 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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