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    The Resolution Series: Tournaments for the L5R CCG

    Over the history of the Legend of the Five Rings brand, there have been many storylines that have reached an epic and satisfying conclusion, most with the full participation of L5R’s amazing and engaging fanbase. Due to the nature of the ongoing storyline, however, it is inevitable that some plotlines fail to achieve proper resolution, and some simply fall by the wayside entirely. It is unfortunate, but a part of the ongoing, constantly reshaped narrative that has made L5R unique in the CCG world. This season, a series of tournaments will be taking place that are intended to revisit some of these forgotten plotlines, bringing closure where none was had in previous arcs. These plotlines will come from both the desires of the Story Team to find closure, and from those stories that the fans have asked for repeatedly over the years. It’s time for memories to come alive!

    The Bitterest of Lies

    To be held on December 7th, 2013, in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    A Storyline Tournament for the L5R CCG

    In previous generations, the Scorpion military institution known as the Bitter Lies Swordsmen were known throughout the Empire as lunatics, madmen, and the single most unpredictable element that could possibly be introduced onto the battlefield. They were despised, mocked, and secretly, more than a little feared by many throughout the Empire, and even the most ardent of commanders cursed their existence due to the element of unpredictability they introduced. Over time, however, the reputation of the group began to change, thanks in great part to the efforts of Bayushi Hisako, the third sensei of the order. While there were still madmen among the ranks, more and more of them became regarded as dangerous opponents with formidable skills, a fact that both increased and simultaneously decreased their value to the Scorpion Clan.

    The winner of this tournament may select any one non-experienced, non-unique personality with the samurai trait currently aligned to his faction. This individual will be trained in the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies dojo and become familiar with the techniques of that order, representing them to clans beyond the Scorpion provinces. The highest-placing Scorpion player in this tournament will work with the Story Team to determine if the Scorpion seek to use the Bitter Lies swordsmen. .

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