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    [Author’s Note: The following is an excerpt from my own vanity project that follows no specific rules set. I am posting these simply to express myself and hopefully to entertain!]

    University Records
    Field Report – Vadhu
    Notes: Vadhu is a realm with one foot in the grave. It has an unusually close attachment to what is known as the “Lower” realms as well as being suffused with a dark energy that is the antithesis of life. An energy that the undead thrive upon. The following is a snapshot of those living their lives in the shadow of impending doom.



    I and what was left of my clan booked passage from Talon to the outer isles. We had escaped the pens of the Red Skull orcs and made our way to the city a year before. We scrounged, stole, and worked for the money to escape the wretched mainland. The merchant promised the four of us safe passage. 

    Ha! What we got was put in a small boat at sword point in the middle of the night! We were adrift at sea for three weeks with no provisions and left for dead. One by one my other clan members gave their lives so the the strong could live to exact revenge. Before long, I was the only one left. 

    The gods smiled upon me and I rescued by human fisherman and nourished back to health. 

    Now that I am well I have come back to exact my revenge. I’ve already killed 5 of the crew in as many weeks. I’ll find the rest soon enough and settle the score. 

    After that? Well, the Red Skull orcs have much to answer for.  

    — Mizz Greenleaf, last surviving member of the halfling Greenleaf Clan



    Great-Grandfather and his tribe came to the dwarves of the Whitemantle Mountains for safety when the demons and undead first invaded the world. 

    The dwarves were gracious and let many of our people, as well as those of the halfling clans, shelter in their home. 

    They were not idle guests and labored hard to fortify the mountain’s defenses. 

    For many years the new alliance fended off the attacks, but when it was certain the barriers would no longer hold the eldest of our peoples decided to send the rest to the Whitemantle Plains. 

    Grandfather tells us that his elders promised to beat back the horde and send for the peoples when the task was finished. A necessary lie to keep hope alive in the very young. 

    Two days out from the mountains they heard the cave-ins that protected those fleeing from any immediate pursuit. We still don’t know the ultimate fate of our ancestors on their final battlefield, but we must return someday soon to give them all proper burials. 

    Even if we must kill them again to do so.  

    — Connal the Tracker, Human Northener  



    Aye, I was there the day we lost the battle on the plains. We had a red dragon with us. He was one o’ those din’t leave with the others. Young and inexperienced for his kind but we were glad for the help. 

    Oh, forgive this old softy his tears. If it weren’t for that dragon coverin’ our tails when the undead hordes got too thick, none of us would’ve come out o’ there alive. Our own dead were risin’ up and joinin’ the ranks o’ the enemy almost as soon as they got hacked down. It was one o’ the many things we weren’t prepared for that day. 

    They din’t kill that red, did ya know that? They bore him down and dragged him into one o’ those great pits out there, but we could see him strugglin’ the whole time. I dread ever findin’ out why they took him alive.  

    — Medin Redborn, Dwarven Elder  



    “Nothing like the open sea”. Try spotting Death Rains at night and avoiding ships ‘manned’ by the undead. Yeah, there’s nothing like it, alright. 

    But, It’s a great way to make money, my friend. Those outer islands have goods to barter, passengers to ferry and, sometimes, booty to plunder! We’re the lifeline that keeps them going and they can’t expect that kind of service on the cheap. 

    Plus, all that danger let’s a girl know she’s alive.  

    — Nara, Half-Elven Captain of “The Sea Witch”  



    Our forest, the lifeblood of the wild folk, is dying. 

    Every year, the hordes break through the mystic barriers and must be beaten back to give us time to erect yet another. Every year we lose ground. Every year we lose more of our people. 

    Yet we fight on. This war wears more on our minds than on our bodies. Yet we must not give in.  

    — Lord Faeranoll, Wildling King  



    Open your eyes and see the truth! The Goddess is dead! The Lord of the Undead rules this world! He created the world and plucked it when it was ripe for his own designs! YOU! You’re already his minion! WE’RE ALL HIS MINIONS!!!!!  

    — Mad Teege, Street Preacher, Cleric of Zara, former Goddess of Life


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