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    Announcing an Upcoming Descent Lieutenant Pack

    The Wyrm Queen’s lust for gold, fire, and general havoc is legendary, and she has made a habit of bringing ruin to any settlement or structure erected too close to her domain… And the borders of her domain have a habit of moving.

    Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition!

    With its sculpted figurine, threat tokens, and ten-card Plot deck, the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack gives new life to one of the Overlord’s most fearsome lieutenants. Not only does Valyndra’s detailed plastic sculpt lend her new depth and dimension as she flies into battle against Terrinoth’s heroes, but her personalized Plot deck allows her to extend her pursuit of riches and power into nearly any campaign!

    Poised to Strike

    The centerpiece of the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack is its stunning plastic figurine. With it, you can replace the Valyndra lieutenant token from Lair of the Wyrm and bring the Wyrm Queen more fully to life in your games of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.

    Valyndra is a massive lieutenant, who stands two squares by three squares. Her sculpt depicts her with fangs bared and one claw poised to strike as she towers above Terrinoth’s heroes.

    Who Dares Threaten the Wyrm Queen’s Hoard?

    As much as the Wyrm Queen is known for her destructive rampages, her lair is known as a place of legendary treasures. Her hybrid minions keep her coffers perpetually overflowing, and all the wonders of Carthridge seem to find their way into her possession. Though many adventurers have dedicated their lives to finding and raiding Valyndra’s chambers, the few that returned refuse to say much on the matter…

    How has the Wyrm Queen successfully defended her lair against so many would-be thieves? The ten cards of Dragon’s Greed, the Plot deck in the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack, provide a clue.

    Starting with the card, Mine All Mine, Dragon’s Greed translates Valyndra’s lust for gold and treasure into a frightful display of power. While the overlord can convert them to threat tokens, Terrinoth’s heroes may want to think twice about leaving search tokens uncovered, but those who seek to thwart the dragon’s ambition may run afoul of her Jealous Rage.

    Additionally, the cards of Valyndra’s Plot deck prove that all her accumulated wealth isn’t just for show. For example, Aurium Plating can toughen up any Huge or Massive monster group, even one that already has Iron-Hard Scales. And if that’s not enough, Valyndra may personally respond to the overlord’s summons, taking the place of one master and two minion monsters from an open monster group to confront the heroes in any quest that doesn’t use the Valyndra lieutenant!

    The Wyrm Queen Valyndra is a worthy adversary for any hero!

    Expand Your Domain

    Lieutenant Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition introduce dynamic sculpts and tactical considerations that make the game more engaging for both players and overlord. Soon, the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack will bring another stunning sculpt to your table and add new strategic considerations for nearly any campaign. After all, the Wyrm Queen is infamous for her cruel strikes against those people who close in upon her domain… and the borders of her domain are always changing!

    Look for Valyndra to expand her borders once again when the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack arrives at retailers everywhere in the fourth quarter of 2013!

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