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    No, I’m pretty sure that LeAnn Perrins is an American country singer… 😉

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    Being of Scandanavian descent myself, I’ve always relied on the Swedish Chef from the Muppets for my proper pronunciation: Wor-chess-ter-shee-er-shire-shau-sh.

    So say’eth the Swede!

    "The term "raising a family" has very different context when talking with a Necromancer..."
    --Archmage Thranduul

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    Improved Initiative provides a +4 feat bonus to Initiative. Quick Draw provides a +2 feat bonus to Initiative. Feat bonuses do not stack. Splug’s +12 to Initiative should be a +10.

    Splug’s a munchkin, apparently, and bears watching. You had best check his other numbers as well.

    So says Gunnar Deepdelver.

    Thank’s for the entertaining listen.

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    Yeah – we caught this one in the Patrons Area as well 😉 He has since been reset to Initiative 10 poor little fella 😉

    Hal :hal:

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    Hal wrote:
    Yeah – we caught this one in the Patrons Area as well 😉 He has since been reset to Initiative 10 poor little fella 😉

    Hal :hal:

    Just curious, did he keep the Quickdraw feat? If not what did he pick to replace it with.

    Personally I’ve never been a fan of quickdraw as a feat since it has rarely come up in my games that I needed to have a weapon drawn and didn’t already have it out.

    I mean, who walks around dark, dank crypts without a weapon in hand…. Sure every now and then I’d need to draw in a town or other supposedly secure area but it’s rare enough that it doesn’t warrant a feat for me.

    Mechanically I suppose I could see a use for it when switching between ranged and melee weapons though. Or if you have multiple weapons for different situations (my 3.5 edition fighters typically ended up like this due to the wide variety of materials/elements needed to bypass Damage Reduction…carried a veritable Bag o’ Holding full of weapons for every situation hehe)

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    Actually, we call Wostershire Sauce – Wuster Sauce and drop the shire completely.

    Damn you tricked me into being honest!

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    The quickdraw feat has some uses for Splug because I think otherwise he’d have to spend a minor while sifting around for another shuriken, but, that being said, rogues don’t tend to have a lot of uses for a minor action so he prolly could get away with retraining it.

    Speaking of Splug and his initiative, don’t forget that regardless of what his bonus is, if he goes before his target in the first round of combat he gets to trigger a sneak attack. (I am all for the continuing wrath of the potentially munchkined Splug)

    Also that Gelatinous Cube is hardcore. I thought at first there was a way out of it but a literal translation of the rules really does seem to stick you in there for good until you save. Harsh.

    That’s it for my rules lawyering. It was a solid episode and thank goodness they’re finally heading towards some plot. I can empathize with Lindsay’s woes about roleplaying a cleric. I wasn’t even good aligned but because I told the rogue murdering a man in cold blood wasn’t honourable and refused to be railroaded into a man’s house to fight kobolds when there was a glorious war going on down the street the DM killed my character. So take heart, Lindsay, at least Hal’s entertaining and not a complete asshole.

    Looking forward to see what mischief you guys get into next time.

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    If Lindsey is bored of being good, she should be secretly evil in disguise. Make her character an agent for the baddies in Pyramid Of Shadows, who have divined the future threat of the heroes.

    Also – if you do – delete this post or it will spoil it.

    Love to see a show down against splug, who after listening to her preaching turns good only to feel majorly betrayed by her lies. Poor Splug.

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    Telemergion wrote:

    Also that Gelatinous Cube is hardcore. I thought at first there was a way out of it but a literal translation of the rules really does seem to stick you in there for good until you save. Harsh.

    I know I’m over a year late to the party on commenting here, but I was listening to these again, and this confuses me. The text for Grab just says that a grabbed creature “CAN attempt to escape on its turn.” That doesn’t really mean you HAVE to try, right? Why couldn’t David have tried to attack the cube, since he had a standard action?

    Apologies if this has long since been settled in the patron’s section (quite likely, given the length of time since this game was played! 😆 ).

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    When the game first came out I think a bunch of folks bumped into that one and had to pause to try and figure it out. But you’re right, grabbed just means a target is Immobilized and cannot leave the square unless it can break free or teleport, though the teleport thing is my table’s interpretation of how the powers work and some may disagree. Regardless, both of those would usually take a Move action leaving David with a Standard to do whatever he felt like.

    Interestingly, there’s no reason you can’t attack a different target than the one grabbing you, or you have grabbed, or from using ranged attacks other than the OA.

    But that’s stuff you figure out when the rules have been discussed more and you’ve encountered similar problems and got past them with your players. As written maybe David could have helped kill it, however I personally am on the side that the Gelatinous Cube doesn’t take damage from those it has engulfed. It’s bound to be more viscous than water, and it’s pretty hard to damage anything while swimming unless you hit a vital – which it doesn’t have.

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    In related news, Splug makes another appearance in Dragon #382 as a sidekick in a solo adventure. This time he’s got a stat block and a picture as well. Go Splug!

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