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    The premise of this forum game is quite simple: Each poster describes two actions which produce something. This MacGuffin is then tossed to the next poster, who repeats the process by transforming the old MacGuffin into a new MacGuffin, and throwing it to someone else.

    (You don’t have to toss any cookies (either literally or metaphorically), but it is allowed.)

    For example:


    • Crawls through a dungeon, slays some orcs, throws some loot to…


    • Sells the loot, buys a sodastream machine, throws some fizzy pop to…



    • Opens the can, gets doused by the heavily-shaken now-pressurized carbonated beverage, throws his ruined sweater to…


    And so on.

    Ready? Set? Go!


    Oh, right. We need a starting phrase.


    Eats a banana, digests the potassium-rich treat, flings soggy poop to…

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    Polishes poop into novelty souvenir, gets PM to sign it and auctions it on eBay to…

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