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    Hello Kotei attendees! I hope everyone is getting ready for their local Kotei and for the release of Twenty Festivals. While Twenty Festivals is not yet released, we do need to make one adjustment to the tournament format in the form of Tsujiken Sensei.

    While Tsujiken has been out for some time and has been fine in the tournament format, with Twenty Festivals Crab receive a Shugenja based deck which can receive the gold bonus from Tsujiken Sensei without also being affected by the gold penalty, since the Shugenja deck tends to play very few, if any, Samurai.

    We have been testing the Tsujiken Sensei Shugenja deck in Playtest for a couple months now and have found that erratum will be required once the deck is legal for tournament play. Simply put, the gold acceleration given to this military deck brought the deck to an unacceptable level.

    As such, effective when Twenty Festivals becomes tournament legal, Tsujiken Sensei’s second trait will read:

    Your non-Courtier Personalities enter play for 1 more Gold.

    Nothing else about the card, nor any other aspect of the environment is receiving an adjustment at this time.

    We look forward to finishing up the current Ivory environment and moving forward into the beginning of our twentieth anniversary with the release of Twenty Festivals! Check with your FLGS to pre-order now!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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