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    Reposted from Trollbridge:


    My son ran his first game last night and a good time was had by all. The town of Kroth hired three unsavory sellswords to enter the Troll Caverns and get some logistics on the dark forces contained therein.

    The Iron Mage, Katar the Doomed, and Scraps the Insatiable risked life and limb for gold and upon entering were immediately attacked by an invisible creature of great size and strength. Eventually dispatching the thing, they skulk around taking out lone goblin guards and wargs until they finally come across the Red Orc village and see just how many of them there are. Katar wants to leave and reports back to Kroth, but his companions are made of sterner stuff and want to sneak around the village, raise some hell, and discover what’s on the other side in the deeper caverns. In sneaking through the area (Scraps turinng out to be the least stealthy hobbit in existence, failing all seven sneak rolls) they are spotted several times, but each time manage to take out the few orcs before they can raise a cry. In one of the huts they come across a captive, the sword-witch Deadly Anya. Freeing her, they finally makeit through to the other side

    As they progress they come upon a great sphinx who will reward them if they answer her riddles, but destroy them if they fail. The Iron Mage raises the beast’s ire by asking her riddles with no true answers (e.g., how are a desk and a kobold alike?), telling the other two “If we don’t know the answer, then she can’t know it either. The sphinx, annoyed, disqualifies her questions and Katar asks her “Why did the centuar declare himself king?” When the sphinx couldn’t produce an answer he told her “To be the centaur of attention of course.” The sphinx, trying to be cagey, asked the party “What have I got in my pocket?” The party looked at each other blankly and Scraps called out “You’re a sphinx; you don’t have pockets unless you put something somewhere gross.”

    The sphinx just gave up after that, haning her head in defeat and despair and padding off to go get good and drunk somewhere.

    Deep in the depths of the caverns they discovered the great and terrible Cave Troll. The mighty beast is indeed strong, but not quite a match for four greed… er, brave heroes. Deadly Anya wants to bring the troll back to Kroth alive to sell to a zoo, so the party subdues it, although they take heavy damage themselves.

    They find quite a treasure within the troll’s cavern. Laden with loot and a big, bound troll, they leave the Troll Caverns. Only to be set upon by the very peeved Red Orc raiders that they orignally snuck past. Fleeing for their lives, the heroes abandon their hard-won booty and troll prisoner and make a mad dash for the entryway, scooting out of the dungeon by the skin of their teeth.

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    Nature’s pocket… 😮


    They seem to have got into the spirit of T&T pretty swiftly.  It memory serves escaping with your life is quite an achievement.

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