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    tomlib wrote:

    If the GM keeps track of all hits dished out and then it would work well but to be honest I use the time the players spend healing after a battle to get organized behind the screen!

    Eurgh! I’ve done this. It’s probably easier with a computer but with paper and pen it’s a nightmare… 😮

    tomlib wrote:

    It’s a difficult situation to say the least. I lean towards Cob with as little stats as possible but my players love going through battles and killing things much more than discussing if the horses are fed. No insult there Cob at all. Your players are great role players and totally into character and I’d love for my players to be that into it. We go through more battles in one session than Cob and the boys do in five. I’m sure I could do a better job of enforcing Role-playing and listening to Cob’s group is giving me pointers in that direction. I’m trying to be a better role-playing GM, I really am!

    Perhaps it may be best just to go for what the players want, and let them mature at their own pace.

    Mine were munchkins in their teens, were powergamers in their 20s and are SLOWLY moving to be interested in this roleplaying milarky. 😆

    Short of brainwashing them (something that I have considered), I’ve just had to accept that they generally would prefer to play heroclix than roleplay (WLD a thankful exception)…

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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