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    i’ve been trying to find a fix for a little problem i’ve been having. i go to open the mp3 file foe the deadalewives d&d bit and the video part never comes up. any sugestions where i can find the decoder i need for this? thanks.

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    • Orc

    I only had audio for the Dead Alewives – was I supposed to get video too??

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    yep has video with it. it has several characters from other video games. is a great video.

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    • Thri-kreen

    IIRC, the video you’re talking about isn’t official, it’s just some random fan thing made by someone to match the audio (much like fan music videos).

    At any rate, if it’s an mp3 file you can be pretty sure that it doesn’t have a video part, since it’s an audio format.

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    • Treant

    The Alewives MP3 are audio only on the site 😀

    The video you are talking about was released as a special hidden feature on the Summoner game for the PS2 where they put characters from various games over the exisitng audio 😀

    We do not currently host the video that matches the audio, but I will look into it.

    Hal :hal:

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    ah ok thought i was going crazy there for a second. cause i rember seeing video with it when i had it before. guess that explains why i can never get it to come up.

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    • Owlbear

    Not only was that on the summoner game, but 8-bit theatre made it with the original final fantasy sprites. I’ve also seen someone’s Flash rendition, but I don’t remember what characters were with that one….It’s too bad really since I recall that version being the one I liked the best. The summoner one was, in my opinion, the worst of the lot.

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    • Flumph

    15 Meg DL, .exe file, self contained, great fun.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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