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    • Treant

    Hey folks,

    We are in a world where popularity is all important and the more popular you are the better 😀 Therefore I ask you all to make your mark on Podcast Alley.

    VOTE for the RPGMP3 WLD Audio Review

    Click on the little ‘Vote Now’ link and then click on the link in the email it sends you 😀

    Vote now, vote often!

    Thank you 😛

    Hal :hal:

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    • Owlbear

    I think voting now is good, I think voting often will get you struck off. 🙂

    I wonder how high up the rankings we can get RPGMP3?

    Current rank value: 368

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    • Succubus

    You’ve got my vote!

    Is there anything else we can do to help advertise RPGMP3?

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    • Owlbear

    I think Hal may have some ideas on future promotional efforts!

    We’re now up to rank : 267

    Currently it looks like we need 50+ votes to get into the top 50 podcasts section:

    and quite a few more to get into the top 10!

    Some very kind words have been said in the comments section.

    Podcast Alley is one of the biggest and one of the first Podcast directories, so it’s always good to do well there.

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    Done! One more vote added to the pile. 🙂

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    • Succubus

    Keep voting folksies!

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    • Commoner

    You got my vote…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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