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    Dear L5R Community,

    It is with a heavy heart that today I must announce the cancellation of the Walt Disney World Kotei. It was a big dream, and would have been one of the most memorable L5R events ever, but it was not to be. We had a minimum number of attendees and rooms that needed to be booked by a certain date, and without that number we would be unable to secure the event space. As that date was rapidly approaching I made the decision to cancel.

    All those who have already registered have already been contacted and they will receive refunds, though if they want to still attend and visit Disney for a vacation, they can come and play in our new Orlando Kotei event detailed below.

    We are moving the event from Thurs May 29, to Saturday May 31 at a location in Orlando to be announced shortly. We currently plan to run the event on the single Saturday, but if attendance is enough that we need to, we will spill over to Sunday.

    To all of you who showed interest and understood that a large memorable event wouldn’t be the least expensive thing in the world, thank you, and thank you for your support. We’re not giving up on this dream, and we’ll keep working to find a way to make an event of that magnitude work in the future.

    So, with that, see you in Orlando!

    Todd Rowland

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