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    File Name: Warlords of the Accordlands Session 044

    File Submitter: WhiteKnight

    File Submitted: 22 Oct 2011

    File Category: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    All fun and games with the Nimbic and friends

    Click here to download this file

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    the let them eat cake episode if i remamber rigtly!
    anuther whith a good mix of game , banter and roleplaying
    the plot thikens but it seams gilaran is the oanly one intrested in it!

    Particular thanks to the Bradford Kazoo Ensemble for their memorable contribution to this episode 😀

    Why would Fin think that I was plotting revenge?

    *closes the window*

    I would never do such a thing… 😉

    I”ve been catching up on my backlog or game audio. Good lord man stop figgeting and if I get blasted in the ear one more time with one of your near limitless musical doodads again I’ll fly to the U.K. and beat you to death with the nearest ukelele. Maybe play the game find the kazoo, but with extreme prejudice.

    Aside from that, good work all. Welcome aboard Wayne. Good bye Allie. Be careful out there with those crazy military types. If it’s anything like the U.S. military, you should have an easy time finding fellow gamers.

    🙁 promis to be good ,
    mostly any how,
    and when i am bad i will do it quiatly like a ninja

    I’m not exactly sure what you said, but if it’s involves less damage to my ear drums I appreciate the effort sir.

    Oy nimbic, where’s the next episode of records of the accordions?

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    To clarify: No Accordians last week due to a missing player, no game this week due to a different missing player. Normal play should resume next week.

    I am not going to say who is to blame but it isn’t me, Ross, Steve or Wayne

    Fin 😈

    God damnit Allie…

    its all alis falt!
    dam the british armed forces!!

    And here I thought it was Matts’ fault for being away for two weeks in a row 😯

    The fact that during that time I managed to sneak to Inverness and back with no-one noticing had nothing to do with it 😆


    Yes but your a lady and so we could never blame you. 😀

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