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    At the last minute and great expense:

    Live as of this posting and for the next three hours.


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    Cool. 8)

    Paul is cheating. I saw it with my own eyes (kidding) 😆

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    Hah Balazaar is too sly for those easy tricks!

    – and tonight’s session is now over. 🙂

    Session #20, another shocker to look forward to.

    Cor Blimey! (so to speak)

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    • Gelatinous Cube

    The web cam was cool. I look forward to the audio.

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    Oy, was someone missing from the session tonight? I seem to recall and empty seat the few time I refresh the last hour or so.

    Oooh did we have a PC kill?

    Did Hal get’s another notch in his killer gm belt? hee hee hee 😈

    My condolenses to the player in question if this has transpired. Cross fingers that it not be the holiest of holy rollers, Bastion of Torm.

    This idle speculation is brought is brought to you by the letters P and K.

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    The empty seat you can see next to Lindsay was home to the audio recording equipment and the one on the other side next to me is where my books live 😀

    Thankfully Paul has a table to seat 6 and Lindsay sits on a soft comfy chair instead of one of the dining room ones 😛

    Suffice it to say there will certainly be some surprises in Session 20 however 😉

    Hal :hal:

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    • Owlbear

    Session 20? Lovely! Post Session 19! 🙂

    Ahh, addiction. It smells of sweet roses. Like the roses around the Dark Tower, eh, Balazaar?

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