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    This might be of interest.

    Wizards of the Coast and DriveThruRPG are asking fans to preserve history by scanning old Dungeons and Dragons Books and converting them to PDF. If you’ve got some classic D&D titles in your collection and you have access to a scanner, you can help Wizards of the Coast re-master these titles. In return, you’ll get a $50 bounty per title. The company is looking for high-quality scans, but these days, most inexpensive home scanners can handle the specifications if set correctly.

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    Been looking at this and I just don’t know.

    I mean I have a copy of council of wyrms on he shelf and $50 seems a bit low of a bounty for pulling together a high quality scan of everything in a box set with a home scan/print/copier. Particularly since this is going to involve cutting up all the books.

    It’d take a stone cold lover of PDFs to cut off the spine of a copy of chainmail.

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    Yeah – I’m not cutting any of my books thanks…


    Strange they won’t accept torrent files and rather would have books chopped to pieces…




    Hal :hal:

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    Is it possible there are actually some books that have never been scanned to torrent?

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    Seems kind of strange to me. It was only 7 years ago that:


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