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    • Thri-kreen

    Thanks Aethyr. 🙂 I agree there’s an urgency to get back to the surface, but I also would say that I think the decision to not take time to rest and recuperate was mainly with the party. They could have also chosen to do that. I think it kind of works there being that urgency, especially when the PCs have very little idea of what they’re going to find when they do. 

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    • Owlbear

    Oh dear, there is a Paladin in the party who is not using his wisdom 😛 Dutch-Love (Sorry) Had the right argument about it, most deity’s who sponsor Paladin’s would rather have them retreat to fight another day then throw their lives away and in doing so allow evil to win. Of course, it might be a point of a character’s pride, the character really hates to retreat, to think evil could be stronger than him and his devotion. But, to a degree, It is polite player courtesy to twist your characters motivations to act in a party beneficial way. For example, after being against it, but being given a compelling argument, he agrees to a retreat for now, to fully regain strength, but being a bit bitter about it and demanding about a strong push on the next assault being as prepared and stocked up as possible. But maybe I’m poking nose in too much.

    Ruleswise, if I recall, There was some debate about Poison, Diseases, and…Something minor I can’t quite recall. That being said I realize you guys have moved on, so let me know if you’d like the Lockhart tutorial on these or if it’s all be figured out already 😀

    OH! I recall the other minor thing. Don’t know if you knew this or not, But take a reading about the detect alignment spells (which you have characters who have them as class abilities). When used as per the spell, it takes three rounds of concentrating to determine for certain if a creature detects as evil (round three given the location of an aura). The paladin can get the information of all three rounds instantly as a move action, but only targeting one creature or object at a time. Most importantly, look at the round 2 information. If viewing a particularly powerful aura, there is a chance to stun the viewer (might be relevant, might not, but considering the book should have a number of evil outsiders). Most importantly for low levels, most creatures of 4 HD or lower, unless they are a cleric/antipaladin/class with an aura feature, undead or an outsider, will not detect as evil even if they are evil aligned. So using it on low-level opponents and random townsfolk will be pretty much useless to determine the amount of trust or not.

    Enjoying so far. Heroic party, pushing forth in character and such, is good fun to listen to.

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    • Thri-kreen

    ,Oooh, regarding the alignments, that is a revelation that is very interesting indeed…Thanks Lockhart! 


    Our group has a strong base in LARP, which is where the majority of our players met. So there is a strong sense that character trumps ‘winning’, per se. It sometimes seems to be quite abrasive, I can understand, but my players know, and even sometimes relish, things being made extra difficult by stupid/overly moral characters etc. Sean, in fact, very very often plays characters whose qualities cause quite a bit of IC friction! 🙂

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    These things have a way of working themselves out, my character in Tulty’s last campaign was designed to be pretty much as “bad” as possible. He was pretty handicapped as a diviner, but then be also has the most naive and clueless and overly optimistic character. He jumped into shark infested waters to rescue the least favorite of the NPCs, and succeeded (no one is quite sure how). Anyway he turned out to be the most long lived of the PCs.

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    Who the heck is Dutch-Love? 😮


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    Who the heck is Dutch-Love? 😮

    Rutger Hauer? *sighs*

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