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    • Thri-kreen

    File Name: Wrath of the Righteous Session 08

    File Submitter: Tulty

    File Submitted: 12 Jul 2014

    File Category: Pathfinder

    Genre: Fantasy

    Profanity Level: Jolly Sweary Indeed

    Joined once more by their resident tinker, Umdur, the party press their advantage and continue deeper into the Gray Garrison, searching for the last fragment of the Kenabres wardstone. Despite a surprise windfall, however, the current occupiers now know they’re coming, and our heroes begin to encounter heavy resistance.

    GM: Tulty

    Dushlub, Half-Orc Ranger: Zoe

    Jerred, Human Gunslinger/Paladin: Sean

    Reyan, Human Inquisitor: Will

    Umdur, Half-Orc Rogue: Emily

    Click here to download this file

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    • Bullywug

    Another great session, fun listen.

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    • Thri-kreen

    Thanks katheb! Always nice to read your feedback, keep it coming! 🙂

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