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    having read tevs reminices of stirges it take me back to my own first character death, it was in AD+D when i was about 13 and hidspittle my gnomish illusionist got captured and eaten by a group of cannabalistic goblins.

    my most memorable “death” was in a recent game of CoC when after twice trying to perform a ritual to rid the world of the haunter of the dark, my character became the next host for nylarathotep. You might have heard the audio.

    So what are your first and best death storys from your years of roleplaying???


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    The audio N-kun refers to to can be found via: … cle&sid=20

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    I have to say I was spared the trauma for a very long time.

    My first experience of character death was when my long serving Ex-marine Force Commander in traveller finally succumbed to weight of numbers, having run out of ammunition whilst buying time for the rest of my group to make good their escape.

    Set something of a trend for later characters in many ways. 8)

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    Only been gaming for approx 2 years so I’ve only experienced death once.

    And not by a vicious beast or 25th level NPC etc. Oh no, during a Hackmaster session, it took one of my other PC’s to kill me with a fireball spell. This from the apparently great Wapple Thosset the 3rd. He had the cheek to say I shouldnt have been in the way and that it was for my own good. But I failed the resurrection, even after visiting good old dad in Hell during the attempt (CE alignment).

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    My most recent: My LE cleric rolled for WLD died in the second room (with the 3 orcs, who won’t do anything).

    One party member tried to interrogate them, but because they barely said anything back he wanted to interogate them the hard way… a bit too hard since the first went down on a crit.

    Then the two others responded and both hit. One of them returned the favour with a crit back to me. 😐

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    Rather too many to choose from for comfort.

    The one I still object to thanks to its complete irrelevance to the flow of the game (one from the Out Of The Blue Syndrome), was when I was playing in a Modern Horror game that used a generic super-detailed combat and damage system (anyone remember the name of that system?). My detective had solved clues and worked hard at uncovering the mystery, while the other characters seemed just to get in the way. Finally, as we were approaching the nexus of the hauntings, a pine tree exploded as a result of being hexed by an antisocial spirit. A random rolled found that my detective was struck (at long range and through several other characters) by a splinter.

    The damage system was consulted as I prepared to apply a bandaid to the resulting splinter. Oh no. The splinter entered under my collar bone and was deflected into my artery, resulting in a fountain of blood and the demise of my very surprised detective! Am I still bitter? 👿

    On the other hand, my “best” death was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I apologise now). My genetically altered weasel had helped prevent an evil dictator from starting WW3 by capturing his nuclear bunker. In celebration the weasel did backflips on the control console. The evil Referee rolled, the weasel bounced off several large red buttons, the sirens sounded, and the missiles launched. Oooops 🙄 . The bunker was hit by several retalitory strikes. Just how many d6 does a nuc do? 😯

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    I refer you to my posts in the Rat Bastard DM Club Thread where I have already covered this

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    I have only been gaming for a little over a year, but I already have several character deaths under my belt.

    My first death was in a Conan game when my aristocrat character decided to hide in the back of a cave full of pillars that subsequently came to life and crushed him to death while the rest of the party bravely ran away.

    My most memorable death was in a currently ongoing game using the grim ‘n’ gritty combat system. My character was one of the scouts for the party and was surprised by a Huge crocodile. After failing a Reflex save to avoid the creature’s tail slap, my character was no more than a bloody smear on the wall. The DM allowed me to spend all of my action points (useful things, those) to be stable at -9 hp. Since the party had a couple of rounds to react while the crocodile took the other scout into the depths of its underground lake home in its jaws, I was conscious at 2 hp by the time the battle actually started. My first combat action was to attempt to tumble over the beast into a flanking position. I critically fumbled. Its attack of opportunity critically hit me, and I was shortly reduced to being another smear on the wall, directly opposite my first smear.

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    2nd Ed rules…

    Me and my Pheonix Hawk were holding the line next to an Assault Mech (an Awesome, if that matters) piloted by another PC… We were doing REALLY well, 2 vs about 10, whilethe rest of the unit ran like women…

    Suddenly my Mech is destroyed, and I eject. I land 100’s and 100’s of meters away, and start to run like Hell itself was coming up behind me…

    Turns out, it was… The Awesome, deprived of close support had a couple of light mechs get behind it, and ended up with like 10 or 15 criticals in his center torso…

    His fusion reactor (which was like, what, 20 tons?) is of cource completely obliterated…

    I see a HUGE flash (to ground infront of me lights up), and I turn to see what happened…

    Just in time take to shockwave full in the face…

    My atoms disassociated at the speed of light, and I ever even had to to think “Oh s**t…”

    It was priceless, and my first character ever… Set up a long, long string of deaths due to some form of self sacrifice… Had a rouge bite it holding off 6 city guards so the rest of the party could escape… But that was nothing but many lucky rolls, and then 3 really, really unlucky ones…

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    First, I think, was my Condotierri seductress from a WoD game. Managed to make it through the entire campaign without a scratch of damage. Was killed by Storyteller fiat in the ending of the game by a bullet to the head while helpless. Raised as a Kuei-jin for a follow-up campaign that never happened because most of the players were ticked off by the ending of the first campaign.

    Most memorable, for me, was when my weretiger cleric was obliterated by blue dragon breath while shoving someone’s cohort out of the way of the blast. A lot of the group managed to piss me off then by questioning me about it because apparently my Neutral Good character should have just let the cannon fodder die. *sigh*

    Set up a martyr complex with my characters I guess. Of course, I also tend to play noble characters and often paladins and clerics so I guess it’s just the norm.

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    Never been killed, but it’s only in the last 5 years I’ve been able to play, it was all GM’ing up to then…

    Now all of those carefully-crafted NPC’s wiped out by the players, well that’s another matter! 👿



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    Spoiler for those who havent finished WLD

    My most memorable death was when Feylin was skewered by a minatours longspear and almost instantly splatted.

    My friends tore me away from Lady Tymora and I was returned to life… a bit grumpy!

    It was the first character death where i was actually really upset…cant remember what session it was but we had been playing a while and i was way invested in her and was pretty close to tears 😳

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    I remember that…

    You were up set? Heck, *I* was upset, and it was MONTHS after WLD ended, and I wasn’t even in your gaming group…

    When you said that you’d not make another character though, I 100% understood. I wouldn’t either. Feylin truly was a part of you…

    *sniffle* Now no more talk about my favorite lil Halfing dying, k?

    Lets talk about poor ol’ Garut!

    Oh, and I’m away from computer till at best tonight, at worst for about 36 hours…

    Have good days, y’all…

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    Well, I can’t remember my first character death but I can recall one of the more recent (but highly memorable) ones and it even had a morale to learn too: dwarfs don’t get killed. They die, but they don’t get killed (at least not when I play them).

    We were playing AD&D 3rd Ed (I don’t think the DMG and MM had come out yet) and our party was around 3rd level. We were stuck in a cold wintery place and tracking some thieves who’d stolen most of our stuff (most importantly, they’d pinched our food so we really wanted to catch them).

    Their tracks lead us to a frozen lake. One of our party members had a broken leg and we’d already got him rigged up on a makeshift stretcher (the old scouts thing of a couple of big sticks through the sleeves of two coats to make a quick stretcher).

    The ice looked thin but we didn’t have time to go round (we needed our food, remember). So our cleric made a very clever suggestion. That we should lie on the ice so as to spread out our weight (the idea being that standing would concentrate our weight on a single spot) and crawl across. To make things even easier for ourselves, we were to take off our armour and push it in front of us. We’d also push the stretcher as well (since our injured party member was incapable of crawling).

    So off we went, the human cleric in front, the crippled thief on the stretcher next, my dwarf fighter and then the other thief bringing up the rear.

    We made it most of the way across when our priestly leader fell through the ice. Not only did he fall straight through the ice but he managed to drop pull the stretcher in with him. On top of that our weapons, shields and armour all plumetted into the icey water too.

    Without hesitation my brave dwarf fighter (with only something like 1 rank in swim) dived straight into the water and managed to push first the priest and then the thief (on the stretcher) out onto the ice above.

    Then he went diving for lost equipment (you know what a dwarf is like if he loses a valuable piece of gear in a pinch and has a chance of getting it back :)).

    Well, beneath the chilly water I saw the glint of the cleric’s scalemail and, diving deep, I amanegd to recover it and make it to the surface with air left in my lungs. I was also able to recover my axe and his mace, and one of our shields.

    Next I dived for my armour but got caught in a cross current so it took me a bit longer to descend. I grabbed my armour but managed to drift a little further off course on the way up. Eventualy, running out of air, I burst straight up head first into the thick ice and knocked myself out. My body drifted slowly with the current and I drowned without ever regaining consciousness.

    To make things worse, they actualy recovered my body and tried to use it as a shield when the thieves started shooting crossbows at us :(.

    It was still one of my most memorable character deaths to date ‘though.

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    My first character death?

    Carrie, a Brujah, in Vampire, in my first campaign. We’d visited Paris for some reason I forget – i think we’d killed the inept Prince in Boston and had to leave.

    Anyhoo, outside the hotel where the Prince of Paris lived, my character and Hal’s Ravnos thought we’d steal a motorbike then go and make it look like the Arc de Triumph was covered in graffiti to annoy the Toreador. Unfortunatly, the bike was owned by a werewolf. Who had two friends with him. Whilst my character was big on the fighting, the first werewolf killed me with his first hit.

    No more Carrie.

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