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    As it’s heading to one of our favourite times of year, for some fun, people from here and RPGMP3 recorded our own interpretation of Chaosium’s Classic-era Call of Cthulhu adventure, “Dead Man Stomp”, for this year’s Halloween.

    The adventure itself can be found in the back of the current (6th) edition Call of Cthulhu rulebook. See how intrepid the party can be! Then again…

    Featuring three sets of gaming, Call of Cthulhu playing Archaeologist married couples – (see how many player stereotypes we can fit in at once) this audio has been recorded in Binaural Surround Sound so if you listen on headphones, you should be able to place people around the gaming table. As such it’s a generously sized file (141 M:cool:, but hope you find it worth the download!

    From the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rulebook:

    This adventure suits beginning players and investigators, or experienced players who want to relax. Much of it depends on scene-setting. It may take a long evening of play to complete.

    The events are set in a large American city if the 1920s, such as New York or Chicago. This adventure will transfer to the present with some reconstruction.

    Jazz music is theme and soundtrack to this scenario, and Keepers might search out 1920s recordings as background – King Oliver’s Jazz Band and Jelly-Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers are good sources. Such music establishes an upbeat mood. Be sure to turn it down when things get dark.

    This adventure is more complicated in its aim of depicting social background. It should be studied carefully by the Keeper with an eye to maintaining the investigators fully in play, not relegated to the status of sideline observers.

    Alas, we couldn’t arrange background Jazz tracks for this, but feel free to add your own when listening.

    The game features:

    Keeper – Keeper of Arcane Lore – Fin P. (YSDC)

    Sandy Burch – Reporter – Imogen P.
    Lawrence Lifsey – Field Researcher – ‘Hal’ H. (RPGMP3)
    Caroline Bevan – Dilettante – Lindsay H. (RPGMP3)
    Gary Sherritt – Alienist – Paul oC (YSDC)
    Ellen Jackson – Language Teacher (Spy) – Helen oC (YSDC)

    Download “Dead Man Stomp” (MP3, 141 MB, 3.5 hours)

    A binaural 96 KBPS MP3Pro stereo file. If you have an MP3Pro capable audio player it should sound even better (audio quality, if not gameplay…), but will still play well on normal MP3 players.

    Binaural recordings should work OK on speakers, but sound their best when listened to on headphones.


    As ever, this is only one group’s particular way of playing Call of Cthulhu, your approach may vary (heavens, I hope it does)! wink.png

    There’s plot in there somewhere, I think…


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    I cannot remember listening to this.  Thanks PM for digging up this nugget.  I will have to download it for later this month…

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